You won’t be surprised to know there are loads of different diamond engagement rings out there. They come in a variety of styles, meaning you have to pick the right one for your loved one. How do you do this? Here are ten tips everyone should follow before picking an engagement ring:

#1 Know your budget

Before you do anything else, know your budget. This instantly gets rid of the super expensive diamond engagement rings that you can’t afford. Your budget can be whatever you like, but it’s usually between 1-3 months’ salary.

#2 Learn the 4 Cs

The 4Cs of diamonds are as follows:

  • Color (from colorless to a pale yellow)
  • Clarity (from flawless to included)
  • Cut (the brilliance or sparkle of the diamond)
  • Carat weight (how big the diamond is)

Learn the 4 Cs to understand the main things to look for when you buy a diamond engagement ring. Then, consider which of these is the most important to your loved one. Do they care about the carat weight or are they more interested in a ring that sparkles?

#3 Think about the style

Diamond engagement rings come in so many styles – they can almost be overwhelming. Your best approach is to sneak a peek at your loved one’s current jewelry collection. Do you see a similar style of ringing popping up again and again? If so, this is clearly one she likes, so look for an engagement ring in this style.

#4 Pick a diamond shape

Most diamonds are round, but these tend to be the most expensive. If you’d like to save money on a ring, opt for different shapes – like oval or heart. This allows you to get a diamond of higher overall quality, for less.

#5 Pick the metal

As well as the diamond, you have to select the metal band your diamond will be set in. Usually, you have:

  • Platinum
  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold

Again, look at your loved one’s current jewelry collection to see what colors she usually wears. If she hates rose gold, don’t get her a rose gold engagement ring!

#6 Find her ring size

Don’t end up red-faced when she tries on your diamond engagement ring and it doesn’t fit. While it’s easy to correct this problem, it does kind of ruin the proposal moment. Instead, check your loved one’s rings to see if you can find her size.

#7 Walk by jewelry stores together

You don’t want to make it obvious that you’re planning a proposal, so go shopping with your loved one and walk passed jewelry stores. See if they stop and point out any rings, then make a mental note of what they looked like. It’s an easy way to figure out their tastes!

#8 Keep up with the trends

What’s considered the trendiest diamond engagement ring right now? Stay updated with the latest trends to ensure you get your loved one a ring that’s fit for the modern style.

#9 Only buy from trusted jewelers

Only buy your diamond engagement ring from a trusted jeweler. This ensures you get a full diamond grading report to see that the diamond is legitimate. Remember, this is a huge purchase, so you need to ensure you trust the people who supply the ring.

#10 Take your time

Never rush the buying process for a diamond engagement ring. This is a big decision that you need to get right. Take everything we’ve mentioned into account and spend weeks and months researching. Eventually, you’ll feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

And just like that, you’ll be able to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring for your loved one. This special moment will be made even more special when they’re amazed at how perfectly you chose a ring for them. It shows them you care, so all the stress and research will be worth it.